Your income

Your income

Marketing Levels - Best Revenue with AdTiger Exclusive

Up to 70% commission

Different marketing stages ensure you the best sales opportunities according to your needs.

50% commission

non-exclusive marketing

With free disposal without contractual and temporal binding to us!

60% commission

partly exclusive marketing

In addition, you may include affiliates, Google and regional campaigns in the advertising material you provide. The contract term is 6 months.

70% commission

exclusive marketing

You provide us at least one advertising medium of your choice exclusively. The minimum contract term is 6 months.


It is always difficult to make concrete statements about the possible revenue of a website. In general, the prices are depending e.g. on the advertiser, the campaign duration, the advertising formats and the possible special wishes of the customer. In general, there are 3 booking possibilities, of which the price depends:


RON is often booked. RON means Run Over Network. That means the advertiser operates advertising across our entire network either on the basis of inserts or clicks.


ROC is booked less frequently than ROS, but at a higher price. ROC is the abbreviation for Run Over Channel. The advertisers book here on websites from a certain area, e.g. on pages about cars.


Special pages are booked via ROS. However, the page bookings are less frequent than ROC or RON. ROS stands for Run Over Site. In this case, the advertisers book a page directly.


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