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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Will any costs incur for me as a publisher for working with Adtiger?

For you as a website operator, marketing by AdTiger is absolutely free. There are neither fees, contributions nor paid hotlines.

How do I register with AdTiger?

Registration is free of charge and takes place in three steps:

on /publisher/registration/

  1. Fill out your contact details;
  2. Give your bank details;
  3. Add information about the website and the marketing type.

When will I get the money?

For the change of the month, a credit note is automatically generated for the amount of the commission, provided that the VAT form has been received and the minimum payment amount has been reached. Payout to the bank account, which is deposited in the publisher account, is usually made within 2 business days. If the minimum amount is not reached at the end of the month, the accumulated commission sum will be applied to the next billing period.

Why can't I log in?

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for error-free login:

  1. The pop-up blocker in the browser must be disabled;
  2. Cookies must be allowed;
  3. Check the correct login data.

If you have forgotten your login data, please send us an e-mail or call us. We will be glad to assist you in getting new data.

The password must be renewed after 180 days at the latest. In this case, please make sure that you follow the confirmation link that you receive by e-mail from the system. Only then will the new password become active.

How do I create advertising areas?

In the vertical navigation bar, go to the "Advertising areas" on the left. On the right, the "Edit / add ad space" field appears where you enter the information on the ad space. Specify the ad space name and select the ad type and format.

In order to ensure maximum flexibility and optimal utilisation, the option is available to store a default / fallback / passback code.

AdTiger tips for selecting the advertising areas?

When choosing the formats, please note the following:

  • Specialized formats such as billboard, half-page, pop-up / pop-up, layer / banderole, hockeystick / wallpaper are usually compensated by TKP and are particularly lucrative due to their attention.

  • The IAB standard formats come with both TKP and CPC campaigns, so the click rate plays an important role here: the higher the click rate, the higher your eTKP. If you have a position with high user engagement on the page, we recommend implementing IAB standard advertising area codes (especially Big Size Banner 728x90 and Medium Rectangle 300x250).

  • The Full Size Banner (468x60) and Skyscraper (120x600) formats are rarely used, so we recommend to implement Big Size Banner (728x90) and Wide Skyscraper (160x600) instead.

  • For the greatest possible flexibility, we recommend to implement the following 3 ads on your page:

    • Billboard 970x250

    • Halfpage 300x600

    • Medium Rectangle 300x250

    If the first two formats fit the design of your site, the appropriate advertising space codes should be preferred to the 160x600 or the 728x90 in terms of maximum revenue.

    By installing these three advertising surfaces, a total of 10 formats can be delivered. The additional formats are:

    • Wide Skyscraper (160x600) / Skyscraper (120x600) are automatically delivered as fallback via the code of the Halfpage

    • Big Size Banner (728x90) / Full Size Banner (468x60) / Super Leaderboard (970x90) can be set as an alternative format to the billboard

    • Wallpaper/Hockey Stick – These tandem ads are also delivered via the codes of Halfpage and Billboard. Please note: If you want to order Wallpaper / Hockey Stick, please let us know so we can activate these formats for you.

I have installed the ad code, but I do not see any advertising.

After you have installed the code and the AdServer has registered the first requests, it takes up to 30 minutes before matching campaigns are posted to the tag. After this, the delivery of the advertising material can take place.

Is it possible to specify minimum prices for individual advertising areas?

With AdTiger, you have full control over the delivery and can of course also set minimum prices either globally for the website for all advertising areas(under the "Reward" tab) or per advertising area (in this case, please check the option "Override minimum setting" for the intended advertising area).

Please note that minimum CPM and CPC are gross prices while the minimum CPT is a net price. By setting minimum prices, capacity utilisation can be impaired.

Is it possible to exclude specific categories / customers / campaigns?

As a publisher of AdTiger you decide about the delivered advertising. In your publisher account, you'll see all the campaigns that are currently booked to your advertising space. If you do not like a themed area, you can exclude this. A block list can be created for selected customers. In addition, individual campaigns can also be excluded from delivery.

I would like to implement the format Hockey Stick / Wallpaper. How do I proceed?

The hockey stick / wallpaper is a tandem ad with a vertical and a horizontal area connected and occupied at the same time. The sub-format wallpaper is characterised by a background colouring.

As a rule, the codes for the Big Size Banner (728x90) and the Wide Skyscraper (160x600) will be implemented on the website to link these advertising areas to a hockey stick / wallpaper. However, a hockeystick / wallpaper can also be delivered via Billboard and Halfpage's billboard codes. In this case, the advertising medium will still be delivered with a resolution of 728x90 + 160x600.

In order to deliver the wallpaper format, you need to tell us which combination of advertising space you have for the wallpaper. After that, we add these advertising areas to the so-called wallpaper channel in our system and the delivery can start as usual within 30 minutes.

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