Targeting possibilities



Your advertising is aimed at regionally definable target groups?
No problem: AdTiger provides geotargeting for you.

In addition to the usual RON, channel and site assignments, we also offer you an alternative or additionally a targeting by country, state, postal code or Nielsen areas.
The advantage here is in a differentiated target group according to the respective location. This allows online advertising to be assigned locally. In this way, on the one hand, scatter losses can be avoided and, on the other hand, the campaign can be delivered in a targeted manner.



AdTiger now also offers retargeting.

Users are marked when they visit the website and can be recognized in other environments and addressed to the same topic. Thus, e.g. there is the possibility to address users with special offers after a purchase break and to convert them into buyers later.

Your advantages:

  • Avoiding scatter losses
  • High optimisation potential
  • Reduce CPO by up to 250%
  • Ideal as an addition to the branding and performance mix

Further targeting possibilities

AdTiger offers further useful targeting possibilities beyond the geo-and retargeting, such as:

  • User targeting (age | sex | income | interests)
  • Provider targeting
  • Bandwidth targeting (DSL | Analog)
  • Operating system targeting
  • Language targeting
  • Browser targeting
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