AdTiger Premium: Branding on exclusive sites

1. Exclusive single market

AdTiger PREMIUM Websites are marketed exclusively by AdTiger. A situation that creates optimal conditions for advertisers - from branding to the development of individual cooperations.

2. Accurate target group approach

Websites with premium quality are characterised by very good content and constant topicality. The respective target groups of the websites are distinguished by homogeneity.

3. High branding construction with speed

Efficiently build a high awareness of your brand in a very short time: premium websites are among other things special interest sites for selected target groups with a particularly pronounced user behavior. You can also place your campaigns in a targeted manner here.

4. AGOF/ IVW handling

Selected websites from AdTiger PREMIUM are officially counted and tested by AGOF / IVW. These websites are correspondingly marked with the AGOF Signet under the menu point Portfolio. The Scalable Central Measuring System (SZM) of the AGOF is the standard for the usage measurement of online offers in the German-speaking market. The SZM has been certified since May 2006 with the TÜV test marks "Geprüfte Internet Security", "Geprüftes Countverfahren" and "Verprüfte Verfahrenüberwachung".

5. Advertising specials

Through the exclusive marketing of AdTiger PREMIUM, we are able to place special advertising forms alongside the usual IAB standards and to integrate new advertising opportunities as well as cooperation agreements. The aim is to exploit the brand staging as best as possible for the advertiser.

6. Exclusive contact persons

Our Mediaberaters are specialists in the marketing of selected target groups and special segments. In order to ensure continuous development in the mediastrategy, our customers are supported by a permanent contact person. The basis for the professional marketing are the very close cooperation with site operators and customers as well as an intensive exchange of technical and general aspects of the websites.

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