Six reasons to convince of our performance

1. Good value for money

You have the option to place your advertising budget at a low cost CPC or CPP price. You can either spread your campaigns across the entire network (RON), or you can book selected channels (ROC) based on TKP according to the target groups. Of course, single-page bookings (ROS) are also possible.

2. Very high range

More than 750 million page impressions are available every month from AdTiger. In our large website portfolio, we distinguish between non-exclusive, partial and exclusive inventory. 30% of the network is exclusive and can only be booked with AdTiger. The wide range of our network allows you to achieve a guaranteed fast success of your advertising goals with the Mediaplanung.

3. Campaign optimisation

As soon as the campaign is launched, we are able to optimise the results through our own ad server technology. Based on your requirements, we can optimise the conversion rate to CTR or CPA. The more accurate the agreement is in advance, the more successful we use your budget.

4. Extensive targeting possibilities

Targeted and without detours to advertising success. We provide access to all major targeting technologies: re-targeting, geotargeting, user targeting, dynamic targeting, as well as targeting by user profiles, provider, bandwidth, date and time etc.

5. Advertising specials

AdTiger offers you the possibility to place special advertising forms next to the usual IAB standards and to integrate new advertising possibilities as well as cooperations. The goal is to exploit the present marketing potential and the brand staging in the best possible way in the sense of the advertiser and the website operator.

6. Exclusive contact persons

Our media consultants are specialists in the marketing of selected target groups and special segments. In order to ensure continuous development in the mediastrategy, our customers are supported by a permanent contact person. The basis for the professional marketing are the very close cooperation with site operators and customers as well as an intensive exchange of technical and general aspects of the websites.

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